Hey! My name is Kevin Gimbel and I am a Full-Stack Developer at Synoa GmbH, focusing on Front-End Development. I enjoy good tea coffee tea and coffee and like to play video games or go to concerts.

Me in Warsaw for Front-Trends 2016. Photo by Michael Kühnel.

Me in Warsaw for Front-Trends 2016. Photo by Michael Kühnel.

So Far

I used to take a lot of photographs when I was younger and even worked a bit as photographer. During this time I got interested in building websites. While taking photographs I build portfolios for myself and got deeper into Development - especially Front-End Development. The photography faded away (sadly), but the Development stuck with me and since 2014 I am employed at Synoa GmbH, building Front-Ends, Magento Modules, and custom JavaScript solutions for our clients. As the only Front-End Developer I am responsible for all things Front-End related: Responsive Design/Development, Cross-browser compatibility, choosing technologies and frameworks, implementing custom features, and so on - you name it. I am also responsible for DevOps/“SysAdmin” related things like getting Docker Containers running or managing servers and software.


I’m a proud member of team bullgit, a international group of developers from all over the world, ranging from India to America - we’re here to serve the finest of uselessness. Tim and me even did two talks about bullgit on two meetups here in Germany.

Everything else

In my free time I enjoy some good games, mostly playing on consoles. I’m also a big fan of concerts and music which is why I enjoy being at concerts every now and then. I build an “App” called LinedUp to collect all concerts I have been to, you can see a working example with concerts I’ve been to on concerts.kevingimbel.me (the list is by all means not complete yet!).