Create colorful terminal logs with configurable defaults for Success, Warning, Error, and Info levels as well as time and log formats. Wraps around the excellent color.go package by fatih.


package main

import (

var logConfig = make(map[string]string)

// Assign the configuration inside the init function
// This is run before main
func init() {
	logConfig["TimeFormat"] = "2006-Jan-2"
	logConfig["LogFormat"] = "[%s][%s] -- %s"

func main() {
	// Create a new Logger with the config assigned above
	Log := colog.NewColog(logConfig)

	fmt.Println(Log.Success("Yay, this is a success message!"))
	fmt.Println(Log.Info("Hello, here we have a Info. Take note!"))
	fmt.Println(Log.Error("Whoops! Looks like an error!"))
	fmt.Println(Log.Warn("Heads up! There is something wonky."))


You can find the API documentation on