LinedUp is an app/website I build to get into Node.js, MongoDB and ExpressJS. It’s a collection of concerts I’ve been to that I’m aiming to update so it soon holds all concerts I’ve ever been to. Getting together all information is quite a task.

Live Demo


LinedUp is written in Node.js - the underlying Server is Express. The database I used is MongoDB which I enjoy working with so far. For the Front-End I’m using an self-made Ajax Function to fetch data and a RenderEngine to create the HTML - both of these should never ever be used in production so don’t copy them to your thingy! Better use some real stuff.


There’s a basic API build with Express to get the data. The endpoints are as follows.

Endpoint Type Return
/api/concerts GET List of all concerts, sorted by: Date -> Venue -> Name
/api/concerts/:id GET Get only the data of a specific concert by IDยน
/api/concerts/filters GET Get fields but only once. Used for navigation*
  • ยน ID is not exposed yet

  • The /api/concerts/filters Endpoint returns a reduced dataset. You’ll get all the venues, dates, bands, etc. sorted by keys but every band, city and venue is only added once. The data then looks as follows:

{ "venue":
    ["Beatsteaks","Kraftklub","Bloody Beetroots",...]

Concert Model

The Concert Data Model currently only consists of some meta data.

  name: String,
  venue: String,
  city: String,
  country: String,
  date: String
Key Value
name Band/Artist name
venue Concert hall or festival
city City the event was in
country Country the event was
date Date of the event; currently only year

Additional stuff


Renderer.js is a script that renders HTML from plain JSON. It takes a junk of data, a template String and replaces every occurrence of a key inside the string with the value from the JSON.


var template = '<div>Hello {name}</div>';
var data = {
  name: 'Kevin'
var Renderer = new RenderEngine();
var output = Renderer.render();
console.log(output); // => <div>Hello Kevin</div>

Wrapper around XMLHttpRequest to handle POST and GET calls to the API endpoints.


Ajax.get('http://localhost:1337/api/concerts', function(data) {
  var content = document.querySelector('#content');  
  var Renderer = new RenderEngine();
  // Configure the renderer.
  // Set the render data
  // Render the HTML
  var htmlStr = Renderer.render();
  content.innerHTML = htmlStr;